In Your 40s? Here’s Some Inspiring Advice from Author Pamela Druckerman (and the French)

Aging doesn’t have to be an uphill battle. In fact, it often leads to greater self-acceptance and  learning exactly what you want out of life. That said, most days you won’t be having charming life epiphanies but rather simply dealing with the day-to-day realities of being in your 40s.

Acclaimed author Pamela Druckerman has been there and recently shared a few of the wise insights she has gained along the way. Because we are in the business of beauty and aging, I thought I’d pass on some of her sage advice.

The French way of being comfortable in your age

Having lived in France for over a decade, Druckerman experienced a different cultural approach to aging. In her NPR interview, she states, “In America the idea is you try to look as young as you can, for as long as you can. And when that stops working you kind of blame yourself…the French have this slightly different ideal, which is to be the best version of the age that you are—to be comfortable in your own age.”

This French ideal is what my work in cosmetic medicine is all about: helping patients to feel more confident in their looks, whatever their age. And it’s different for every person…if you have wrinkles you want to erase with BOTOX® or peels, that’s great—and if you want to celebrate your laugh lines and simply nourish and protect your skin, that’s excellent too. The most important thing is feeling that your appearance suits you.

Just do what you want more often

Druckerman has also found that letting go of what people think is an important part of becoming comfortable with yourself. She states, “Just do what you want more often. Don’t be so worried about what other people expect…Nobody’s going to be that disappointed that you don’t want to have lunch with them. They’ll get over it.”

It’s good to be reminded we don’t always have to live up to other people’s expectations. Enjoying your own company and simply doing what you like at times truly is a key part of being healthy and happy.

Druckerman’s reminder that life is precious

After a terrifying diagnosis of Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma and confronting death head on, Druckerman came to a realization: life is precious and wonderful. This deepening of experiences can lead some people to make huge life changes, but for others it may be as simple as realizing how fleeting it all is and how important it is to do what makes you happy.

Our input

We’re here to support your aging beautifully, whether you prefer a minimalist approach or want to make more significant changes to your appearance. If you’ve had a procedure on your wishlist, hope to soften the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, or want to improve your skin tone and texture, let’s talk. We’ll help you explore options and find the right solutions. Call (804) 482-5313 or contact us online to get started.

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