Can breast reduction make you happier with your body? One patient says heck yes!

As a society, we’re constantly receiving messages that when it comes to breast size, bigger is better. Yet every week, we meet with several patients who want nothing more than to have smaller breasts.

This contradiction between how these patients feel and how they’re “supposed” to feel leads many to wonder: is breast reduction worth it? Will I regret it? Should I just try and be happy with what I have? We can’t answer these questions for you, but we can tell you this: our patients who have had breast reduction are overwhelmingly happy to be free of the discomfort and self-consciousness that came with having large, heavy breasts. Plus, they love their new breast contours—as well as the freedom they now have to wear bralettes, swimsuits and tops they like!

That’s why we were thrilled to see one patient’s breast reduction story featured recently in Refinery 29. The author gives a candid account of her reasons for wanting a breast reduction (constant back pain, chafing, and teasing about her breast size), her doubts about the procedure, and what made her finally decide to go through with the surgery.

She also documents her recovery in honest detail, which alone makes this article worth a read for those considering surgery. Just remember as you read that everyone’s recovery is a little different (for instance, the drains described in the story are not needed for many of our patients), and that even temporary complications such as what the author experienced are uncommon, especially if you choose an experienced plastic surgeon and follow their instructions to the letter.

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If you are considering breast reduction, first-hand patient accounts like this can be invaluable for helping you learn what surgery and recovery are like and what the procedure can achieve physically and emotionally. However, there’s no substitute for a one-on-one chat with an experienced, board certified plastic surgeon, who can discuss your specific goals and concerns and help you decide if breast reduction is right for you and if it’s the right time.

If you are researching your options for a plastic surgeon in Richmond, we can help. Dr. Stephen M. Chen is one of Richmond’s most sought after surgeons for breast reduction and has over 12 years of experience performing the procedure. Call 804-482-5313 to schedule an appointment.

Read the full article, “Getting A Breast Reduction Was The Most Empowering Decision I’ve Ever Made,” in Refinery 29 here.

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